Progress Check One

I need to remember to check-in with myself on my progress every 30 days. I can be working so hard and so fast that I need to stop and gauge how much progress I've made and if this progress is in the right direction. Otherwise, I could be leading myself to discouragement and failure.

Looking back, I set out to put 30 articles in 90 days (or 12 weeks). So far, in 3 weeks, I've published

  • 9 articles on Curator, and
  • 3 articles on PodcastPros
  • 1 article on How We Solve

    That's a total of 13 articles, averaging 4/week. My original goal of 30 in 12 weeks would've needed an average of 2.5/week so I am ahead of schedule. Yay!

    Podcast content wise, I've published at least 2 episodes per week for the past 3 weeks. One episode each for How We Solve and OneHaas

    I have yet to make progress on the outstanding bids for my Podcast-as-a-Service. However, I have made significant headway on streamlining the entire backend production process. The next thing I need to do is stress test the process, hire a project manager to oversea the content creation flow for both podcasts and blog articles.

    The new OneHaas revamp website is behind schedule but 85% of the copy is drafted and ready to go for version 1.

    I've enlisted two new hosts who will help host the [email protected] show, and OneHaas Undergraduate Alumni show. These two hosts will help build more content for the OneHaas brand.

    Still no clear path to monetization but a few avenues will need continual research and help:
  1. Institutional sales, lead generation, contracting, closing, and maintenance plan
  2. Advertising, will need to prove audience, content first, free marketing via institutions
  3. Donors, donations setup
  4. Subscribers
  5. What else?