Progress Check Two

It's been a solid two month push (to the day) since the whole idea about podcasting as a business, and building out an alumni content network started. It's felt like six months and that we're somehow behind schedule. And I think maybe that lost perception of time has made me feel like I’m not getting enough done, or that I could always do more, or the worse feeling of all, I’m not spending my time doing the right things.

This week was a big win with the first alumni episode out, [email protected] out, new conversations with the right people, the beginnings of new partnerships, and a $25k contract - but I still feel dissatisfied. I like to call it the curse of the entrepreneur, never being satisfied because as the visionary and driver, you see an endless road ahead. You make up excuses like if I don't push myself, who will?

Maybe my wife is right that, just like a company or team elsewhere, people deliberately celebrate their wins. We should find a way to celebrate ours this week and give ourselves some recognition.