Python Progress

With the exception of last week when I had to fly back home for a family emergency, I’ve been consistently putting in 3-5 hours a day in Python3 on CodeAcademy. Everything started out pretty straightforward and easy, reviewing variables, strings, functions, loops, booleans, which I’ve had exposure to before with JavaScript and some Ruby but this time using Python syntax. I get distracted from time to time when I go down a rabbit hole on one of the forums when I Google for a Python method, git command, learning about pipenv and how to install it using command line, or installing a new VSC extension but I recognize this is all part of the learning process.

The learning curve has grown pretty steep. It went from very easy to comprehend to accelerating quickly into programming challenges that I could not wrap my head around for hours. However, I constantly remind myself that I am entering the stage of learning when most people will quit. I just need to tough it through even though I have no idea where the light at the end of the tunnel is. At what stage or depth of experience do programmers start feeling proficient and “experienced?” I doubt I am even into the “steep” portion of the learning curve yet. After I finish my 25-30 hours in CodeAcademy’s Python3, I was advised by friends to start looking at code challenge sites like CodeWars or Kaggle for real life projects and practice.

What else should I be learning alongside Python3? I was just reading an article on the difference between programming and computer science and it makes me wonder if I should start taking some of the free Harvard or Stanford MOOCs on computer science.

I don’t know. Merry Christmas.